Kitchen-Classics Extends the Sale Price for Their 2-Piece Silicone Baking Mat Set

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( — July 8, 2014) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Kitchen-Classics announces the seven day extension of the sale price of their 2-piece silicone baking mat set.

Kitchen-Classics, makers of various kitchen products, including sink soap dispensers, digital kitchen scales and silicone baking mats, announced the seven day extension of their 50% Off sales event where they are lowering the price of their 2-piece silicone baking mat set to $15.99.   

Michael Weir, Co-Founder of Kitchen-Classics, said, “The half-off sale we had last week for the 4th of July went so well that decided to extend the sale. These baking mats enjoy a solid 4.9 star rating at Amazon, and many of our customers were not able to get the word out in time to their friends and family which led to many people missing our sale.  So, we decided to extend the sale for another seven days in order to allow the word to get out.”

Weir went on to say that, “silicone baking mats have been in use and quite popular in Europe for many years.  These mats are for use in half-sized baking sheets and can be used to replace parchment paper. This makes them eco-friendly, and can also eliminate the need for baking on oils, which reduced the use of unnecessary fats in most baking applications. With proper use and care, these mats can be used over 4000 times in temperatures up to 475 degrees.”

The Kitchen-Classics silicone baking mats are available for purchase exclusively on

Weir also announced that Kitchen-Classics recently created an online video guide outlining care and use of their silicone baking mats. To view this video, visit

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