Scott Tucker Launches “Save the Elephants”

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( — July 11, 2014)  — Businessman and book author Scott Tucker has announced that he will provide the seed money for a community effort focusing on protecting wild elephants in Africa – more than 30,000 of these gentle giants are killed each year for their tusks. The fundraising campaign will be run in collaboration with Music Lovers Blog and will include multiple activities and events.

“There’s a ban on international ivory trade, but illegal markets are flourishing in affluent eastern countries, particularly China,” said Tucker while announcing the initiative. “We plan to take up the issue with the Chinese wildlife authorities and sponsor an awareness campaign in China to discourage the Chinese elite from buying ivory products.”

The fundraising campaign will start with a live music event in San Diego, which will be managed by Music Lovers Blog. The campaign will employ volunteer students to collect funds from businesses and individuals through online correspondence and personal visits. The effort will be supplemented by online advertising.

“Our campaign has two parts—raising the money, and then spending that money at the right places,” says Jane O’Hara, project manager for Music Lovers Blog. “We are targeting restaurants, theaters, beaches, and the San Diego Zoo to involve the public in the effort.”

The fundraising activities will continue until the end of 2014, after which the focus will be shifted to China.

“We are already talking to some Chinese advertising agencies to pitch us their proposals regarding the awareness campaign,” said Tucker. “I know that together we can help curb ivory sales and thus elephant poaching.”

By Cary Riley

About Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is a businessman, book author and animal activist who frequently proposes and participates in community efforts for animal welfare. He regularly donates to charities for dogs and cats.