NanoRazor Ceramic Knife Makes Food Cutting a Breeze

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( — July 21, 2014) Beaverton, OR —   With their passion for continuously bringing life enriching products that makes family life easier;, an online retailer that specialize family oriented products,  just launched their latest offering, the NanoRazor 6” black ceramic knife. This new product is designed particularly for savvy cooking lovers who put equal weight on overall quality, external aesthetics, and product performance.   

 The knife is made from sub-nanometer ZrO2 technology, and manufactured by employing cold isostatic pressing with elevated temperature sintering, thus not only maintaining its razor sharp blade, but also possessing denser and double the thickness than common ceramic knives. These features enables it to be a rare all-rounder for chopping, slicing and dicing garnishments, fruits, vegetables and boneless meat without mess.

 “We put a lot of thought on both the blade and handle design”, said Sherry Li, Co-founder of Savvy Livings, “The curved, anti-slip ergonomic handle makes the cutting less demanding, more comfortable to hold, which all help minimize wrist fatigue after preparing a big meal”.

 Consumers also get a matching, free protective sheath cover with the NanoRazor ceramic knife to eliminate chances of accidental blade damage and/or chip when storing it along with other kitchen utensils in a drawer. The blade as a result retains its razor-sharp edging for a more extended period. The ceramic knife with sheath is in addition packaged in an attractive gift box, which makes it an ideal gift choice for family and friends at special occasions.

 “We have time and again tested the NanoRazor blade for functionality, handling, and safety before release”, said Sherry Li, “The positive feedback we received during early product launch are confirming the value and quality we are bringing to our customers”. She further adds, “We plan to build on this early momentum, and extend this black “NanoRazor” ceramic knife offering to include other colors in the near future.”

 This new kitchen companion is curently available through Savvy Livings Amazon store front.

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