Bright Star Launches New Online Car Insurance Service in Jacksonville Florida

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( — July 21, 2014) Jacksonville, Florida, Florida — 


Bright Star Car Insurance, an online portal providing specialist news and information on car insurance, today announced the launch of their new website at

The focus of the site is to provide helpful money saving auto insurance tips, information, resources and general guidance about Florida car insurance, so drivers have a better understanding of auto insurance, feel less confused and more informed about their choices.


“Too many drivers feel confused or are misinformed on how to best match their personal and family situation with the type of car insurance coverage that will deliver appropriate protection against the human and financial costs of a vehicle accident. And because many vehicle owners are often left confused about their options, they frequently end up paying more than they need to”, said Bright Star’s CEO Scott Perry.


Although there are many auto insurance companies already operating in Florida, Perry says that drivers should benefit from its new online portal as it will leave drivers with greater clarity and understanding of Florida car insurance.

Bright Star also recently partnered up with a local team of independent auto insurance experts so customers who want for more hands on help will now be able to get telephone advice, access to free consultations and help with comparing auto insurance rates from up one hundred insurance companies.


“Our focus will be to provide helpful money saving tips, local news and topics of interest to drivers in Florida who now have access to a very strong local team of independent auto insurance experts. It is still early days for our company but we will be looking to develop and grow our proposition further as we get more feedback from customers”.


Bright Star Car Insurance is an online auto insurance portal whose focus is to help drivers through the delivery of local information, money saving tips, advice and other online resources on Florida auto insurance. The company strives to help both private and commercial vehicle owners lower the annual cost of their car insurance without sacrificing on coverage and policy limits. To find out more visit or call 904-685-1719 to speak with an independent auto insurance expert.

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