Veterinary Homeopathy Seminar August 2014

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( — July 24, 2014)

Helsinki, Finland — 


Sue Armstrong presents a three day seminar on two aspects of Veterinary Homeopathy. On days one and two she will be exploring autoimmune diseases of domesticated animals. Why are we seeing a rise in these diseases in practice, what are the potential underlying causations? How can we tackle these diseases as homeopaths especially as most, by the very nature of the diseases, will often have been treated with highly immunosuppressive treatments. How can we integrate different treatment modalities in these cases without compromising the results?


On the third day Mrs. Armstrong will look at aspects of the Human-Animal interface. What is the nature of the relationship between man and animals in the domestic setting? How can treating humans help us with our animal work and vice versa? What are the cross overs in the energetic, disease profiles and remedies commonly seen in practice?


Throughout the veterinary homeopathic treatment seminar in Helsinki Sue Armstrong will illustrate the sessions with cases from her own practice.


When asked about prejudice against homeopathy Mrs. Armstrong says: “I myself was a sceptic and naively judged homeopathy to be useless as why should they all look sicker than my patients if it was so good? The answer was of course that in those days people only came to homeopathy as a last resort when nothing else had worked and in fact minor miracles were being performed under my nose but I didn’t recognise it. There is only one way to overcome the scepticism and that is to experience it first hand.”


She continues: “There are some excellent books out there and introductory courses for those who are interested, but experiencing it and having yourself or one of your animals treated by a qualified homeopath is the ideal way to start to open your mind to the possibility and potential of homeopathy.”


Sue Armstrong will hold a three day seminar on veterinary treatment with homeopathic remedies from August 29th to August 31st, 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. The venue is Homeopathy Center in Annankatu 29. Tickets for the three day seminar are €475, available through Vitalvision Oy.


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