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 Real Estate Postcard Marketing and Lead Generation is vital in todays Realtor Marketing Portfolio.  Everyone is marketing today using social media and even sending text messages about their new listings.  A lot of Real Estate Agents have added a networking assistant to handle all of these tasks.  The competition is fierce.  What you have to do is separate the way you market from all the other real estate agents so that you can be viewed as more credible.  If you don’t figure out how to present yourself as a better choice than your competition then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Real Estate Postcards, set up properly with the correct branding of yourself based upon your abilities, market areas served and the company you work with have a proven track record.  We have been sending them out on behalf of thousands of Realtors for the past 25 years and they simply WORK great.

We would like to see you set up a blog on your website and advertise it in the agent set up area of your postcard.  Blogs are not utilized enough by Realtors.  Create a blog based around the listings you are promoting or about tips on how to fix up your home for a quick sale.  Give something your clients can read to draw their interest.  Your potential clients may want to hire you but just aren’t ready to sell their house yet.  But, they will take interest in your blog.  They may love the information that they receive on your postcards but you have to keep them interested in hearing from you in additional ways such as your blog.  When they feel the time is right, they will head your way for advise and will list their home with you.  Real Estate Postcards can be seen at our new website.  Click Here! 

Blogging can also help you establish credibility because you will write about the properties you are marketing, as well as giving out tips on how to get their property ready for a sale.  Random followers from the internet may stumble upon your blog.  Give them a way to sign up for your postcard program by adding an opt in form for a “Free Market Analysis” of  their property, with additional information (your postcards)

Figure out which series of Postcards you want to use in your marketing and stick with it.  We have to say thaqt our “Keep’em Card” series is by far our best seller.  Marketing with Postcards should be your number one solution to reach your goals.  A Farm area of 500 homes should give you about 24 listings per year.  That number may take three to four years to obtain but we have seen it work hundreds if not thousands of times with our Realtor clients.  Ask your own clients what they like best about your postcard marketing efforts and find out how you could improve.  Please let us know.  If there is a good idea out there we will try to use it.  Brainstorm new strategies on blogging to implement into your daily marketing routine and see what pays off.  Our old website still exists, take a look by clicking here!

Note that the first several months of your Postcard and Blogging efforts may start slow.  You have to get past the first year!  do not let a slow start discourage you.  Remain dedicated to your Postcard Marketing and your Blogging with a consistant effort and your goals will become reality.  The number one reason why some agents do not succeed is because they don not commit.  Separate yourself with these Postcard and Blogging Strategies and you will set yourself up for success for life.

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