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( — August 1, 2014) Portland, OR — Nora Redmond, chef and author of the best-selling cookbook Easy Everyday Mediterranean Diet Recipes, knows a thing or two about good living. Her belief that healthy food should taste good and meals should be eaten slowly in the company of friends is apparent in both her writing and her life. Her recipes are tempting and her personality divine, making it impossible to not want her cookbooks in the kitchen, especially when they are available at no cost. The Easy Everyday Mediterranean Diet Recipes cookbook is free on Amazon Friday, August 1st – Monday, August 4th.


The Mediterranean Diet has received so much attention from doctors and researchers in recent months that it is impossible to not have heard of it. Evidence now shows that people who follow the Mediterranean Diet plan are at a reduced risk for strokes, heart attacks, and several forms of cancer.  


One look at Redmond not only supports the idea that the Mediterranean Diet equals health, but apparently happiness too, focusing on the idea to slow down and enjoy meals in the company of loved ones – and with a full glass of wine to boot!


Working to replicate the meal habits of people who live in Italy, Greece, and Spain, the Mediterranean Diet encourages followers to consume as many fresh ingredients as possible, reducing the intake of red meat, and enjoying seafood, whole grains, and vegetarian fare as much as possible.


Redmond, who has lived in the Mediterranean and become well acquainted with local flavors and dishes, is a firm believer in the positive impact this diet can have on individuals. After experiencing tremendous weight loss and health benefits (over 50 pounds) in her own life, she developed a passion to help others change their diet and relationship with food. 


“A diet shouldn’t make you miserable,” says Redmond. “The whole notion that a diet is something you should suffer through is foreign to people in the Mediterranean. Diets are meant to be balanced, delicious, and enjoyable. They should nourish the body, mind, and soul. Good food can do that — I’m living proof of it.”


Redmond’s cookbook, published by Little Pearl Publishing, takes the reader step-by-step through the Mediterranean Diet, developing a plan for sticking to it while still loving mealtime. With 60 recipes that are guaranteed to make mouths water, ranging from soups, salads, main dishes, and each professionally paired with wine, Redmond’s book is a must-have for anyone interested in eating healthy, being happy, and living longer. 


The Easy Everyday Mediterranean Diet Cookbook will be free on Amazon as a digital download until Monday, August 4th.




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