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( — August 3, 2014) Houston, TX — All of one’s business, spiritual and life issues effectively resolved

In today’s fast paced life, one often has to grapple with many issues simultaneously. While it is all very well to suggest that one may multi-task, it is far easier said than done. This is where One-Stop-Business steps in by providing one with effective counseling on one’s life, business and spiritual issues. This company has been in business for over two decades now providing coaching and mentoring to businesses and ministries in the greater Houston areas.


Says Monica Barger, the—- of the company, “We feel a great affinity for the greater Houston area, having worked closely with businesses and ministries big and small for so many years now. We have helped businesses deal with matters ranging from taxation to employee motivation. Going forward, we plan to reach out to as many people and organizations as possible, helping them deal with myriad problems. Our consultancy and coaching modules are the best in the business and moreover don’t cost the earth.”


The company is in fact planning to fast-track track their outreach in the Houston area by appointing franchisees, who will help reach the company’s highly effective coaching modules to the far corners of Houston. That One-Stop Business is a highly respected coaching and mentoring organization that is borne out by the effusive testimonials the company receives from businessmen, corporate head honchos and lay people alike thanking them for their highly beneficial counseling that enabled so many people to deal with a multitude of issues ranging from taxation and insurance to business coaching and spirituality.


These days most people want all of their life issues to be addressed in a comprehensive and holistic manner and not compartmentalized into personal and professional departments. This is where One-Stop- Business is way ahead of other coaching and mentoring organizations, in that its span of services is all pervasive and all encompassing.

About One Stop Business

Business Coaching To Grow Your Business We have mentored, coached and trained multiple companies that sold products or services via the Internet, advised others doing the same and served on their boards of directors, and advised still other businesses in marketing and cost analysis, affiliate marketing, and much more. We base our coaching experience on expertise, multi facet marketing, and practical business practices.

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