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( — August 19, 2014) Darien, CT — Darn Good news. Your tennis season does not have to end. This is for all you tennis lovers sufferring with Tennis Elbow pain.

  Lateral epicondylitis is the medical term for Tennis Elbow. Pain on the outer portion of the elbow begins mildly at first then begins to get worse as you play more tennis. The swinging motion of the racket produces tremendous force upon extenion of the forearm. The force then translates to the elbow creating micro tears into the connective tissue. Further use illicts a pain response that gets progressively worse as the tears become cracks.

  The body has only one way to deal with this and that is to lay down scar tissue. Scar tissue is not as organized as typical connective tissue is.. What this means is that smooth tissue is replaced with layers and layers of disorganized new cells. The problem lies in that the new tissue restricts motion. So if youhad 35 degrees of motion prior to the injury and you end up with 22 degrees of motion this will cause adhesions to form. Adhesions are painfully restricting. So a loss of motion induces further loss of motion. Pain begets more pain. Your problem gets worse.

   Here is a simple solution. break up the scar tissue. Now you ask how do you break up scar tissue? Enter Graston Technique. Started by an English Physician who developed a method to reduce adhesions without surgery. Locating the tissue is done by palpation. Merely by looking at the persons face as you press over the painful areas will tell you where the problem lies. When you press the right area the person’s face will wince noticeably. Treatment begins here.

   The treatment will begin with applying a topical lubricant over the area. Then a blunt surrgical instruement is rubbed in several directions causing the outer layer of the scar tissue to break down. There is temporary pain followed by relief as mobility is restored.

   Next a Class IV Cold Laser treatment is applied over the area to stimulate healing. The laser acts like photosynthesis does on plants. Light is energy by adding energy to the broken down scar tissue new cellular growth is encouraged.

    The elbow joint is then examined for restricted motion and an additional final mobilization is done. Followed by 15 minutes of ice. Sounds comprehensive? It is so when all else fails to yield results this course of action is in order.


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