Mobelio Launches Unique Web Based Mobile Loyalty Platform That Changes Highstreet Loyalty

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( — August 21, 2014) Bolton, Greater Manchester — 

As a small business, repeat custom is a key part to growing and in some cases surviving. Setting up a loyalty program can be one way of building stronger customer relationships through rewards.

Traditional printed loyalty cards are outdated, often lost and damaged and as we see from some of the major brands that once adopted printed loyalty, such as Starbucks, they have already transitioned towards mobile and digital loyalty.

Custom built apps have always been an option for mobile loyalty, but can be very expensive to create and in most cases are overkill for small businesses.

After all, apps take up golden smartphone space, and when the latest Beyonce album hits Itunes, or the latest game fad like Flappy Birds hits the app stores, small business apps are the first to see the delete button to free up space.

Mobelio is a new kind of mobile loyalty platform that enables SMEs to setup, manage and run their own mobile based loyalty program that doesn’t require customers to download an app as it is all web based.

Mobelio’s mobile loyalty platform works through customers smartphone web browsers.

Once setup, your customers simply visit a URL on their browser, sign up for your loyalty program and have a mobile based stamp card ready to collect stamps.

Stamp collecting is easy too with several ways stamps can be given out both directly on your customers smartphones using a 4 digit pin number, scanning technology, NFC, and a kiosk version too, where stamps can be added by the business owner within their Mobelio account.

This is where the platform gets more interesting though, and Mobelio is paving the way for small businesses when it comes to data marketing.

While the mobile loyalty platform from Mobelio offers SMEs a way to run their own mobile loyalty programs with customers easily, the data Mobelio collect for you as a business really takes this into a world of its own.

For each customer that signs up to your loyalty program, Mobelio collects the name, email and phone number for each. This data is collected within your own Mobelio account where you can access customer data and use this to market other services and products.

Firstly, for monitoring processes, you can see at a glance which customers are on your loyalty program and how many stamps each has currently collected, when they received the last stamp and more. You can use this information to re-engage with customers that haven’t returned in a while, promote new services and products to your customers and generally stay in contact with them.

So, how do you do this?

Well, Mobelio has strategically integrated email and SMS functionality into the platform. This gives you as a business the ability to send emails and SMS messages to your loyalty program users at the click of a button.

They also have what they like to call ”Micro Filtering” functionality built into this which allows you to select which loyalty program users you would like to contact.

For example, you can send an email or SMS message to all loyalty program users on just 1 stamp. This is great for re-engaging with customers that haven’t returned to your business. You can also reward longer returning customers too that have continued to stay loyal to your business.

Since Mobelio has developed a completely “web based” loyalty platform, there are no apps to download for your customers, meaning the cost of running a mobile based loyalty program is slashed considerably, creating a level playing field for all SME’s locally.

Jamie Garside the co-founder of Mobelio said that: “We know that small businesses understand customer loyalty, and we want to make it easier than ever before for businesses to build stronger relationships with customers through loyalty, while adopting the growth of smartphone usage.

With our mobile loyalty platform, our aim was to create something that allowed any small business to run their own loyalty program without the need of a custom app, but at the same time, provide them with the marketing ability of data which is something most small businesses don’t even consider.

We are happy to say we have done that.”

Mobile and digital loyalty programs are growing and with major companies already adopting digital/mobile solutions, Mobelio looks well placed to help SME’s compete locally for customer loyalty.

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