BitsharesX Hits Number 4 Marketcap After Bitcoin

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Since its release one month ago, BitSharesX has rocketed up the crypto charts from the #7 spot in the world to #4 and seems to have significant momentum. On August 21, 2014, it surged passed NXT in overall market cap, to a total market cap of $34 million.

BitSharesX, a decentralized software program, works as an exchange and “personal vault” where users can store and trade crypto assets.  BitSharesX is one of many profitable Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs) now being released, all built on the open source code from BitShares.  

Users can directly trade what BitShares calls “bitAssets.” One class of bitAssets track the value of real world items like dollars, gold or silver with the second class being user-created assets such as shares of decentralized companies. All of these bitAssets can easily be traded on the BitSharesX exchange.

Sources say transaction times are as fast as Ripple (well under 10 seconds) which far surpasses the normal bitcoin transaction time of 10 minutes.

The key differentiator between BitSharesX and other 2.0 technologies is their profit model. 100% of all transaction fees in the system go back to those who own shares of BitSharesX, called BTSX.

BTSX shares are now available on four exchanges with several more planning to add it in the next few weeks.  

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Dan Larimer, founder of BitShares says “owning BTSX is like owning shares in the New York Stock Exchange, only this exchange is for the new crypto era. It’s a decentralized exchange, like Bitcoin itself, so accounts are 100% within the account owner’s control. It’s a game changer. It’s time the decentralized industry has an exchange like this.”

BitSharesX is poised to quickly bypass Ripple and move into the number 3 slot according to

Learn more about Bitshares and BitsharesX on this live webinar explaining everything about it here.  Bitshares will be there to answer your questions live, direct from the audience.




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