Majority of Americans Oppose Animal Testing, Companies Continue the Cruelty

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( — August 26, 2014)  — San Diego, CA

Reported in the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Autumn 2011 noted that a large majority of Americans, 72 percent in fact, oppose the cosmetic industry’s standard of testing new products on animals. With this rapidly shifting base of progressive thought towards the way companies’ treat small creatures like guinea pigs and rabbits, makeup consumers have begun looking for brands that have found new ways to test beauty products. One such brand is the Australian-made La Mav, which is quickly becoming a favorite amongst critics and cosmetic consumers alike.


The study also reported that 61 percent of individuals surveyed said that “cosmetics and personal care product companies should not be allowed to test products on animals.” With such a large majority of the country in favor of cruelty-free cosmetic brands, brands like La Mav are leading the charge by proving their morals and business ethics are in line with that of their customers. However, as smaller brands like these are competing with massive corporations, their ability to be noticed by the average consumer is somewhat stifled, which, in turn, keeps animal testing going ad nauseam. 


That being the case, La Mav has recently unveiled a competition which allows consumers to win a range of La Mav anti-aging and skincare products. Hosted the brand’s website (La Mav on Freebase), the giveaway offers visitors the chance at winning everything in the company’s product line. To win, users simply have to make a video review of a La Mav product and be the first to upload their recording to the site. This means those interested will have to act fast to get their hands on additional complimentary items, but efficient cosmetics fans can win multiple products straight from the Australian manufacturer.


Nevertheless, even with smaller brands looking to eliminate animal cruelty as an available option to the cosmetic industry, the practice will continue existing until the percentage of consumers who disapprove of animal testing matches up with the percentage of people who actually put time and energy into finding and purchasing cruelty-free products. Until then, beauty behemoths like Revlon, Bausch & Lomb, Clinique, Clairol and many more, as reported by The Vegetarian Site (, have no reason whatsoever to put an end to testing their products on animals.


Those looking to move to cruelty-free products may have to spend some more time researching what they will or will not buy, but many great products are available that are just as good as or even better than their conglomerate counterparts. Are you ready to make the change? 


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