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( — August 22, 2014)  San Franscisco, CA — With summer vacation officially over, schedules are once again becoming packed with commitments, like meetings, school, practices, and social events.  On jam-packed days it’s easy to be tempted to grab fast or pre-packaged food for lunch.  Unfortunately, both of those options tend to be unhealthy.  Lauren Pope, a long-time Paleo dieter and author of a bestselling Paleo cookbook series, offers a healthier alternative for lunch that will appeal to adults and kids alike.  Her book, Paleofied Lunch, will be free on Amazon today through Tuesday, August 26th.

For people following the Paleo diet one of the most difficult parts is finding new ideas for meals.  Pope, who has been Paleo before it was called Paleo, has made the hunt for new lunch ideas easy, putting thirty of her and her son’s favorite recipes in a collection guaranteed to satisfy.  The recipes are quick and simple; with many of them meant to be made-ahead for those days when running out the door as the sun comes up is the only option.

The Paleo Diet can seem strict, especially if you are looking at most fast-food or restaurant menus,” says Pope.  This is why she is adamant that if a person is going to succeed on the diet, to stick with it and really see results, they have to learn how to prepare meals at home.  “You don’t have to love cooking,” she says, “you have to love yourself enough to make healthy options.”

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