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( — August 25, 2014) Phoenix, AZ — The idea of technology doesn’t always fit well with the pest control industry. While the chemicals used to control pests have changed over the years, even going green in some cases, the actual delivery method hasn’t. Phoenix-based Quality Equipment and Spray, though, may just change that idea forever. With some of the best solutions in the industry to help pest control companies do a more efficient job, it’s one company that may make a global impact on an entire industry.

Much Needed Equipment Changes

The Quality Equipment and Spray line is a completely different look at sprayer technology that few others are even able to offer. It’s this modern update that means a higher level of efficiency to pest control businesses, both startups and established companies, on a worldwide level.

“A lot of companies are looking to upgrade their current equipment, but they don’t always consider all of the costs involved. Many only look at the bottom of the line because they think they can’t afford better,” said Andrew Greess, CEO of Quality Equipment and Spray. “Here, we help them look at things a little differently. All of our equipment is built to last. We’re focused on helping companies reduce total ownership cost in equipment instead of just the purchase price, and we’ve added technology to our equipment to help eliminate other, unanticipated costs.”

Quality Equipment and Spray incorporates options like heavy duty brass fittings on power sprayers to reduce breakage in the field as well as addressed ergonomic design factors, ensure personnel have access to all key components, and generally works to sell equipment that is designed to support and boost productivity. In the end, it means quality parts, components, and designs to help get the job done right the first time.

Bigger Projects, Bigger Companies

Quality Equipment and Spray is far from just a supplier to small pest control companies, though. The US Forest Service routinely works through the company to help with weed control, as do larger brands like MGM Grand for landscaping purposes. Large or small, pest control or landscaping, Quality Equipment and Spray is the only name to know in the world of spray equipment.

A Service Solution

One of the most unique things about this company is the level of service they offer every customer, no matter what the size.

“We really want to talk to companies and understand what they’re trying to do because the equipment is different depending on their own mission,” said Greess. “For example, whether they’re going to be doing power spraying, hand spraying, and their location actually matters. There are a lot of different factors involved, so we really like to talk with the customer before we recommend anything to make sure we can customize a solution for them. It takes a little bit longer, but we think we can come up with a better answer.”

Quality Equipment and Spray has the equipment and the level of service perfect for any pest control business today.


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