Fort Collins Orthodontist Praises Damon System On Google Hangouts

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( — August 25, 2014) Fort Collins, Colorado — 

Dr. Donna Ebert, owner of Ebert Orthodontics in Fort Collins, CO appeared via YouTube on Google Plus Hangouts on Air with Brian Devine of Topline Management. She discussed the Damon system of braces that is quickly replacing traditional braces.


Dr. Ebert and Ebert Orthodontics have been using the Damon system since 2005 successfully. According to Dr. Ebert, the Damon system is: “a high-tech system that uses light forces, low friction… allows things to move faster and more comfortably than traditional braces”. Length of treatment depends upon many factors: extent of tooth movement, what is involved with those movements, seriousness of bite, and patient compliance.



Dr. Ebert has more than 20 years of experience. She completed her orthodontic education and residency at The University of Pittsburgh. She is continually recognized by 5280 Magazine as a “Top Orthodontist” in Colorado.



In Fort Collins, adult patients are a common site at Ebert Orthodontics. The Damon system moves and adjusts teeth in a way that conventional braces cannot. Dr. Ebert finds that adults are often guarded with their smile, but once treatment is complete, their statement is often: “I only regret I waited as long as I did”.



To learn more about the Damon system through this Google Hangout follow this link:


Ebert Orthodontics – Dr. Donna Ebert – Fort Collins, Colorado



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