AMG Services “Going Green”

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( — September 12, 2014)  — Local Vineland Springs marketing consulting company, AMG Services, has recently announced that it is going green. The merge is scheduled to begin this fall, and will be fully transitioned by the end of winter. The business’s change in approach is designed to cut back on energy consumption, help the environment, and save resources.

“Making the decision to go green was not hard to make,” said Paula Sherry, spokesperson for AMG Services. “We’re living in a world where now, more than ever, it is imperative to operate smarter and with more efficiency. By stopping outdated operating procedures, and replacing them with new, environmentally-friendly methods, it is going to make a big impact on the Vineland Springs community.”

AMG Services have revealed plans to install high efficiency solar panels on their building, cutting back on oil and electricity. Additionally, the company is investing in faucet aerators and water filters to reduce water waste and provide healthy drinking water. AMG Services will no longer source bottled water. Lastly, AMG and Vineland Springs Township have worked together and will create sidewalks that lead to the town of Vineland Springs, encouraging local employees to walk to work.

“I believe that the values that are taught in the workplace are brought home by each employee to their community” said John Suter, resident of Vineland Springs. “We take pride in making strides toward healthier outcomes for ourselves and the world around us. AMG Services employs a large percentage of the population in our township; the community of Vineland Springs is proud of businesses like AMG Services.”

According to Paula Sherry, AMG Services will implement a second round of green operating procedures once the new Vineland Springs Township zoning regulations take effect next year. “As a company, we feel that we’re definitely heading in the right direction,” said Paula. “Once we get the approval from the township, there will be even more changes to how we function. This is just the beginning.”