Energy Drink Alternatives Provide a Natural Boost

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( — September 30, 2014)  Grocery and convince stores have their shelves lined with some sort of energy concoction. It started with carbonated drinks, that kept getting larger in size, then transitioned to energy shots, and now people can even find gum that supposedly perks them up. These boosts are often a result of exorbitant amounts of sugar or caffeine that only provide short term energy and ultimately result in a crash later on. Fortunately, many people are realizing that this creates a cycle of dependency with erratic energy highs and lows. Many people who have sought out healthy alternatives to energy drinks are finding their energy to last much longer than before. 

The stimulants caffeine, energy drinks, and tea are the remedies people turn to when they are feeling fatigued and lethargic. However, these quick energy methods generally last only from one to three hours at most and likely will result in a crash that leaves people feeling worse than before. Furthermore, these stimulants can often result in sleep deprivation which causes people to wake up feeling tired and seeking more energy stimulants just to get through the day. By choosing a healthy alternative to energy drinks people can eliminate these side effects and achieve all-day energy.

The most common alternative is a green smoothie because just like other stimulants it’s quick, easy, and is a liquid. Instead of being loaded with sugars they contain essential vegetables, fruits, and vitamins to help the body absorb nutrients. When the body is absorbing essential minerals and nutrients properly it naturally increases a person’s energy. There is also minimal sugar content and zero caffeine to eliminate crashes after drinking them. Not only is the the best alternative to energy drinks but also it’s the healthiest and can provide a person with their daily fruit and vegetable servings. Additionally, there are many foods that can be consumed to boost energy naturally for a similar effect.

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