Brush Artistry Top-of-the-line Watercolor Brushes Set Ideal for Beginners & Professionals

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( — October 17, 2014) Beaverton, OR — The paint brush is like the artist’s magic wand. He uses it to weave colors in a sometimes simple, sometimes complex yet intricate manner across the canvas to tell a story, and bring the imagination to life. The paint brush is his most beloved tool. The relationship between the tool and the master painter goes from acquiring, to developing together. This involves the artist learning its capabilities, its characteristics and what it can do for him.


The selection process for the perfect watercolor brush or acrylic brush is not as easy as just finding a set going for a great price and then purchasing it. It can be quite complex and a little overwhelming, especially for a young artist who has not developed an affinity to a reputable brand or learnt the art of selecting the most suitable brushes that will help him to effectively bring out the best in his work.


Brush Artistry’s high quality watercolor brushes set takes the hassle and guess work out of the selection process by bringing artists a single solution for all their paint brush needs. With 36 combination pieces to choose from, you will no longer have to endure the frustration of standing in the paint brush aisle worrying about finding the right brush for the right job.


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, with your one purchase of Brush Artistry’s art brush set, you’re guaranteed 36 individual and versatile paint brushes. With this one set, your single purchase gives you a large variety of brushes that will cater to your needs and preferences irrespective of the type of art project.


Brush Artistry makes no distinction between brush sets for beginners or professionals, because they aim to ensure that novice, budding artists have the same high quality natural fiber watercolor brushes as used by experts. Moreover, they have assembled a complete set that is priced competitively.

In addition to the savings, if your Amazon purchase amounts to $35 or more, you can also take advantage of the FREE shipping that is offered by Amazon. The company goes further to top that special treatment off with a FREE canvas roll-up wallet that allows for easy storage of your art brushes, plus a 12 month money back guarantee.


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Brush Artistry is the maker of quality art brushes that are suitable for people with varying degrees of expertise in art – from the novice to the professional. The company is dedicated to providing products that will enhance the artist’s experience, and bring them total satisfaction.

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