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( — October 20, 2014) Beaverton, OR — A common desire among artists everywhere, be it novice or professional, is the ability to bring out the desired detail in their work so that it captures the imagination of, and creates allure in those who will view it.


It is said that variety is the spice of life, and this can hold true when it comes to the variety of brushes an artist needs at their disposal when creating their pieces of art. An ideal paint brush set will offer brushes that can be used for just about all the paint media types, this includes watercolor brushes, brushes for acrylic paints, oil paints, gouache, and tempera – all in a variety of shapes and sizes.


It was in the knowledge that today’s contemporary artists often use multiple paint media while creating a single piece, that Brush Artistry decided to create a single brush set that would cater for their needs. In a single kit, artists have access to every bristle type, head shape and brush size that they are ever likely to need for most of their work. And they can get it in a handy storage bag as well.


The unique art brush set from Brush Artistry comes packed with brushes that can be used for watercolor, acrylic, oil and just about all other paint media. When you purchase the watercolor brushes by Brush Artistry, you’ll have at your disposal 36 high quality, 12 inch long wooden handle combination brushes that are color coded for easy selection.


The brushes feature a wonderful range of both natural and synthetic bristles, and have already become a favorite among artists. This satisfaction is reflected in customer feedback such as, “A beautiful set of brushes! What a variety!! So happy I made this purchase!”

High quality natural fiber watercolor brushes can often be expensive, but with the paint brush set from this manufacturer you get both in one package. For your own convenience, you are also given a FREE canvas roll-up wallet for easy storage, plus FREE shipping once your order is $35 or more.


The watercolor brushes from Brush Artistry contains a wonderful mix of 36 natural and synthetic fiber brushes in a range of head shapes and sizes and is available at a most affordable price.


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Brush Artistry is the maker of quality art brushes that are suitable for people with varying degrees of expertise in art – from the novice to the professional. The company is dedicated to providing products that will enhance the artist’s experience, and bring them total satisfaction.

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