Marketing Expert Ian R. Clayton Warns New in-Post Ads are Infringing Users Rights

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Facebook and other social media sites have become an important place for marketers to express their ideas, services and products.  But, according to tourism marketing expert Ian R. Clayton they may be stepping completely out of bounds with their intrusive ads.  Recently, Clayton noticed his posts actually featured an advertisement for, a tourism site with no connection to Clayton, a revelation that was quite disturbing.  He quickly commented “WoW! I am advertising Booking’com – I don’t suppose they know as I sure did not.”

Clayton goes on to explain “The post and ads appear across FB network like an endorsement of the company, which was huge surprise to me”. He looks at the implications of this from several angles asking:

 “Does FB have the right to use anyones content like this?
Are we anonymous in the Social Age?  and is it really the anti-social age.”

While Facebook is a free service there’s still the expectation that they not lead users into believing a friend fan or other user is endorsing an ad. It seems wrong for them to connect any members work with a company totally unrelated to them.  Clayton adds:   “I know this is a concern for the people who read my articles and follow my social channels too; several friends have found it very confusing.  Also, if FB choose to use fans comments for paid advertisements should they not share credits with the fan who is posting?’

Clayton recently posted his thoughts on the timely subject at

The question of why this exists and what, if anything, can be done about it is really interesting to Clayton who admits he enjoys tackling, the subject of what he calls “the growth of anti social behavior in social networks.” (MHAT) has become a hotspot for information that directly effects business in many industries and this latest article is one of many contribution that can help an aspiring marketer, hotel owner or tourism company manager as well as business managers.  The articles are thoughtful, informative and sometime proactive. With an emphasis on actionable tips, it’s no surprise that it has become a popular resource for business managers of many industries.

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It looks like an endorsement  by Ian R, but it’s not:

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