Mesa Verde Traders Introduces New Sterling Silver Pieces

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( — October 24, 2014) Tucson, AZ — Southwestern artwork and jewelry enjoys substantial popularity around the United States as well as within the Southwest itself. Native American Jewelry is made in the USA. We all love affordable artwork as well as understated statement pieces that you can wear every day. Navajo craftspeople are well-known for skill in producing beautiful silver jewelry that is often adorned with classic turquoise stones mined in the American Southwest as well as other regions of the world. Successful regional and online retailer Mesa Verde Traders adds new silver handmade jewelry weekly to their Southwestern-style jewelry line, always with a new style or exotic gemstone. 


Dry Creek turquoise jewelry as seen at is available on the Mesa Verde Traders website. The company offers a number of rings and earrings made of .925 percent silver, as well as other hand-crated pieces featuring Dry Creek turquoise and other stones.

Women’s jewelry is a specialty of Mesa Verde Traders. The company’s line of women’s silver rings as seen at includes items with natural stones such as turquoise. Native artisans craft many of these pieces, such as a Hopi-made sterling silver ring with water symbol engraving that is great for both men and women. Hopi jewelry is very rare and features a hand-cut overlay over an oxidized base. Mesa Verde carries only vintage Hopi jewelry since 90 percent of new Hopi jewelry is shipped directly to Japan.


Among the classic signature pieces for Mesa Verde Traders’s is Navajo inlay jewelry as seen at A sterling silver cross pendent with a turquoise gem at the intersection or a cross with both turquoise and coral gems are prime examples of this type of jewelry. The Navajo inlay jewelry collection offers pieces with other gems as well, such as a set of blue topaz earrings or earring sets inlaid with a citrine or jasper pendant.

No matter what the customer’s taste, Mesa Verde Traders offers fine sterling silver jewelry of all types. The company also carries a new line of home décor items from the Mexican state of Oaxaca featuring folk art carvings that enhance a Southwestern theme in any home.

About Mesa Verde Traders: For many years, Mesa Verde Traders has offered the very best in locally-crafted Navajo jewelry and art work as well as other types of jewelry and decorative items. Now, Mesa Verde has gone online to offer these exciting items to customers worldwide. Each piece is handcrafted and of the highest quality. From lovely necklaces to beautiful home décor, Mesa Verde offers the very best in Southwestern and Native American arts and crafts.


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