Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri States People in CA Grill Year Round

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(Newswire.net — October 28, 2014) Louisville, KY — BBQ Shield and company founder, Hope Paisley, is pleased to point readers to a recent interview in Parade Magazine, in which celebrity chef Guy Fieri talks about the increasing popularity of grilling as a food preparation method. Various elements such as wood, charcoal, coal, cooking temperature, and flavorings all drive creativity and boldness when grilling foods.


According to Chef Fieri, “Grilling inspires us to cook at another level. The biggest mistake that people make while grilling is the use of lighter fluid. The essence of the fuel gets into foods that you are cooking and changes the taste in a way that is unpleasant.”


Another problem with grilling is that vegetables tend to become overcooked or to fall through the grates and be lost to flame. Cleaning up the grill itself and the area around the grill where there are spills and stains can be enough to make the most dedicated griller give up.


The BBQ mat by BBQ Shield provides a great solution for people who want to grill food for dinner. The mat is placed over the grates where it easily holds the vegetables, chops, steaks, burgers or other foods that are to be cooked. The flavorings stay on the foods, rather than running off into the coals or other heat source. Flame-ups are reduced or eliminated completely.


When it is time for cleanup, the BBQ mat by BBQ Shield is simply removed and washed either by hand or it can be placed in the dishwasher. Foods don’t stick to the surface and the grates are protected from grease and soot build-up coming from above.


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