Free Weight Loss Plan Made Available in Los Angeles and San Francisco

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( — October 27, 2014)  — Both the Los Angeles and San Francisco area’s in California have over the years been flooded with various weight loss diet fads, sugeries, exercise clinics, and dangerous supplements.  Unfortunately the majority of these quick fixes don’t offer a true solution to the problem which is gaining control of a manageable diet that can easily become a new habit and lifestyle.

People are easily confused with all of the advertistements offered by the healthy and fitness industry along with the medical industry on losing weight.  Many people are looking for rapid fat loss but are told that safe and slow is better for them.  But new results from a long-term clinical trial show that this is just another dieting myth.  What was most shocking is that people found that going on a more extreme controlled diet of healthy and delicious protein smoothies was much easier and barable than a slow and steady strict diet of smaller calorie reduction.

Some of the recommended options out there are the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, which has proven to be one of the most effective 25 day rapid fat loss diet in existence.  And most recently introduced is a very similar weight loss program offered for free in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas at which gives away all the details and secrets on how to rapidly lose fat and keep it off forever.  What makes both of these options so effective is that they are laid out simple enough for anyone to follow and the rapid results that are quickly visible encourage the dieters to continue on through the duration until they meet their desired goal.

When a healthy eating plan laid out for both men and women it reduces the confusion that is often associated with most weight loss diet menus that include intricate recipes that most people don’t have time to prepare.  Simplicity has proven to be most effective for those desiring rapid fat loss.  The simplicity of is in the details of the delicious shakes, combined with intermittent fasting, and foods that people enjoy, along with a “cheat day” where anything is eaten which reduces stress from the denial of enjoying favorite meals.

By simply allowing a schedule cheat day in which favorite meals are eaten the success rate of the people on the diet skyrockets.  It’s been proven that the mental demand is what causes most dieters to fail.  When that mental demand is periodically removed it allows people to stay on a weight loss plan for much longer periods of time.  Most often that is all that is needed for someone to stay on their plan long enough to finally realize their goals.


The free program is currently being featured this week in both Los Angeles and San Francisco but is available to anyone by mobile download.  The healthy eating plan is available for download here at