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Southwest Denver, has a Ninja Dojo that teaches the authentic skills of the Ninja. A Littleton, CO Martial Arts Studio, Kaizen Martial Arts, can now lay claim to direct lineage to one of only two living GrandMaster Ninjutsu instructors. Sensei Bensen traces his teachers back to Uryu Hangan Gikanbo in Japan, 1558. He credits his journey to personally train with Shoto Tanemura to “desire and destiny”

Ninjutsu or Ninpo is an ancient Japanese martial art that trains warriors in mental awareness, physical fitness, stealth and weaponry.  It is the art that gave rise to Ninja warriors in the middle ages (1500’s) of Japan.  Ninja’s were like the special ops of todays armed forces.  Our armed forces special ops use many of the same ideas.


The highest ranking Ninja hands their knowledge to one supreme student, so that only one “soke” or Grandmaster exists at once. When a Grandmaster passed on the title, scrolls were also passed so to authenticate the knowledge and title.


This tradition continued from the 1500’s until the Grand Master Toshitsugu Takamatsu in the 1970’s. Takamatsu revitalized the lost art and devoted his life to training and teaching the skill of the ancient Ninja warriors.  That is how Ninjitsu became popularized throughout the world. In the 1960’s there was some confusion about the current Grandmaster, thanks to an unexpected death and a secret ceremony. Now there are two Grandmasters, each has scrolls and pictures to prove their lineage.  One is Masaaki Hatsumi and the other is Shoto Tanemura.


Shoto Tanemura founded the Genbukan school.  Sensei Bensen trained with Shoto Tanemura in Japan. His dojo, Kaizen Martial Arts, and adjoining Samurai Museum is the only dojo in Colorado that can trace the sensei’s training directly to Shoto Tanemura. The website with Shoto Tanemura’s copywright authenticates the claim.  Sensei Bensen also has a photo of himself and Shoto Tanemura in his museum.


Sensei Bensen’s impeccable credentials and training prove that he is qualified to own a dojo and teach Ninjutsu at a very high level. Sensei Bensen effectively teaches combat, weapon use, physical fitness and mental awareness to men, women and children of all levels.  The reason that people travel from all over the metro area to his dojo are his ability to teach the skills of a Ninja with fun, respect and nurturing. He invites you to visit and learn more for yourself.

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Kaizen Martial Arts, aka the Ninja Dojo & Samurai Museum in Littleton, CO offers martial art classes in Ninjutus for children, teens/kids and adults.

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