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( — November 13, 2014) Higley, AZ — BVH Pet Care’s newly release premium dog shampoo and conditioner has been awarded the #1 New Release in the category of Dog Shampoos on BVH Pet Care prides itself in providing high quality, safe and gentle grooming supplies for dogs. has certain characteristics they look for when awarding new releases with this prestigious award. The main two main deciding factors are positive reviews and sales. BVH pet care has covered both with great reviews and a steady flow of new customers on a daily basis. 


Their premium dog shampoo and conditioner has many great benefits that stands it apart from their competition, so there is no surprise with the recent award recognition.


The problem with many other dog shampoo and conditioner are the harsh chemicals that can be found in the ingredients. BVH Pet Care wanted to make sure only the highest quality ingredients are used that are safe and gentle for dogs. This dog shampoo is soap free and dye free. It also contains no tea tree oil, no sulfate, no parabens and no preservatives.  


This unique formula eliminates toxins while replenishing the dog’s skin’s natural moisture and replacing depleted nutrients. The results after using BVH Pet Care’s dog shampoo and conditioner is not only a clean dog, but also a dog with healthier skin that will not get irritated or red.


“Great dog shampoo, nice subtle fragrance and my dogs coat is clean and shiny. I love the fact that there are no harsh chemicals in the ingredients. Also, the bottle is a good size to last for quite a few washes. Thanks again.” says Jennifer, a satisfied customer. 


“We are very happy with the #1 New Release recognition on Amazon. It took us some time to release it to the market because we wanted to make sure we have a great formula that was gentle and safe, but also able to do its job at the same time! The extra time we spent was well worth it after we see all of the positive feedback from happy customers and their happy, clean dogs!” says Vicki a representative of BVH Pet Care.




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