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( — November 24, 2014) Huntington Beach, CA — People have long enjoyed antiques and souvenirs related to nautical life. Maritime antique collectors buy items ranging from artwork such as scrimshaw to 19th century whaling harpoons. South Carolina based retailer Big Ship Salvage has provided its souvenir nautical salvage products from around the world to its customers since 2002. Now, the company offers its customers free shipping for all products bought online and shipped within the continental U.S..


John Clifford, owner of Big Ship Salvage, buys Nautical salvage based goods as seen at at maritime based shows along the East Coast. Big Ship Salvage’s website lists a diverse inventory of salvaged ship equipment; the product line includes lights, ship telephones and the engine order telegraph used to conduct a ship while at sea. Big Ship Salvage’s free shipping program ensures that such valuable souvenirs are packaged thoroughly to prevent damage while in transit.

While Big Ship Salvage offers a broad range of nautical products, its specialty ship salvage at is ship lighting. Smaller lights are usually around nine inches in diameter and cost approximately $75.00. Post mounted lights begin in price at about $250.00 and are roughly 16 inches long. Photograph of lights listed on the website are often juxtaposed against a soft drink can to give shoppers an accurate idea of the item’s size. Free shipping to customers is available to all qualified customers regardless of the item’s size, weight or value. Items listed on the website are often ready to ship immediately.

People interested Big Ship Salvage’s products shipwreck salvage as seen at typically use VISA or MasterCard credit and debit cards to pay for their antiques. The company uses FedEx Ground all free shipments across the contiguous 48 states.

About Big Ship Salvage: Started in 2002 as a general antique dealership, Big Ship Salvage grew to include nautical antiques. During a buying trip to the British Colony Regions in India, founder John Clifford discovered the large ship breaking yards that would allow him to acquire genuine brass lights and other nautical items. The business slowly transformed to focus solely on nautical salvage, and in 2012 the company opened a new warehouse in Pauline, South Carolina. Today, the company regularly purchases ship salvage and offers these incredible finds to the public.

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