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( — November 27, 2014) Suwanee, GA — Warrior Tape announces the countless benefits of it’s therapeutic kinesiology tape. Although users of the new Warrior Tape have been showing favor for its bright blue color, it has also been hailed as much more than a fashion statement. Used as a kinesiology tape shoulder injury support and for other body parts, the tape has been receiving rave reviews and is described as an excellent pain and joint solution for Weekend Warriors and skilled competitors.

“Love the color and texture of this new tape. No more ‘ouches’. No more ripped skin when you take it off. If you have trouble with tapes because they pull your skin off, you will be grateful that this tape does not,” said Sherri Jackson, a verified Amazon reviewer.

Among the many benefits of the therapeutic kinesiology tape that has been lauded by this and other reviewers is the fact that it is easy to use and provides a high level of comfort. Additionally, it is made from an elastic, synthetic material and adhesive which lasts longer than similar products and is also water resistant. While similar products on the market are reported as lasting an average of 3 days, the kinesiology tape knee joint support is said to last up to 7 days, providing support for sore muscles and tired joints.
Shoppers who seemed to be pleased with the fashion forwardness of Warrior Tape also expressed satisfaction with its versatility. It is suitable for shin splints, ankle sprains, foot injuries, back and shoulder pain, tennis elbows; as well as fitting the part of a knee brace.

“I have tried several kinesiology tape brands and Warrior is by far the best one I’ve used. I lift weights and I am a runner and have found great pain relief in my neck, arms and calves/thighs (IT ban) from using Warrior Tape,” said Sheila Beasley.

Shoppers who are allergic to certain substances found in some kinesiology tape brands may be pleased to know that the Warrior kinesiology tape knee joint support is hypoallergenic and latex-free. The makers of the product have backed it up with a 60-day risk free guarantee, believed to add extra value.

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