Bill Heid Discusses Real Freedom On David Madeira Show

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( — December 2, 2014) Thomson, Illinois — The executive producer of a new children’s audio movie says parents must teach their children about the “source” of freedom if the fight against socialistic ideas is to be won.

In Freedom’s Cause producer Bill Heid made the comments Monday during an appearance on The David Madeira Show, broadcast on 94.3 FM The Talker in Scranton, Pa.

“We can fight all these political battles, but at home if we’re not transferring this idea of where freedom really comes from, what it’s grounded in, where it’s centered … you’re going to lose the bigger battle because your kids have been socialized,” Heid said.

The latest audio theater release from Heirloom Audio Productions, In Freedom’s Cause, recounts the true story of Scottish hero William Wallace (1270-1305), who led the fight for independence from England.

Heid highlighted similarities between the Scottish Declaration of Arbroath (1320) and the American Declaration of Independence (1776) – among them an “appeal to God.”

Wallace is known to Americans as the hero of Braveheart, although the movie has been criticized for multiple inaccuracies. Braveheart failed to tell the true Wallace story, Heid said, in part because it ignored his strong faith.

“When he was being pulled apart in four pieces, his last request was to have his Psalter put in front of him so he could read the Bible,” Heid said.

In Freedom’s Cause “teaches children … where freedom really comes from,” Heid said.

The first project from Heirloom Audio, Under Drake’s Flag, told the true story of English hero Sir Francis Drake (c. 1540-1596).

Heid said the projects “are all about putting Christ back into history.”

The CDs are based on G.A. Henty books and recorded in the same genre of Adventures In Odyssey. In fact, some crew members from that Focus on the Family production worked with Heirloom Audio Productions.

Actress Chris Anthony – who hosted Adventures In Odyssey on radio – was impressed.

“I haven’t been this excited since the beginning of Adventures In Odyssey,” Anthony said.

In Freedom’s Cause follows a boy, Ned, as he watches history unfold and tags along with Wallace and the eventual king of Scotland, Robert the Bruce, as they fight for Scottish freedom.

They have received high marks from homeschooling expert and curriculum reviewer Cathy Duffy.

“While other publishers have created outstanding audio recordings, both abridged and unabridged, the new presentations from Heirloom Audio are really something special,” Duffy wrote. “The script writers, the sound engineer, the actors, the creator of the musical score, and others involved in making these productions have been involved in major, critically-acclaimed productions, and their expertise shows! These are really top-notch, audio theater experiences as well as an entertaining way to learn some history.”

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