Ginsburg & Associates Files Product Liability Suit on Worker’s Behalf

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( — December 2, 2014) Philadelphia, PA — A recent case in Philadelphia gives an example of the factors that can lead to a product liability lawsuit. A laborer working on a construction site was assigned to use a table saw. This particular saw was purchased from a national chain. However, while working at the task, the saw cut off several of the laborer’s fingers.
The laborer is now filing a lawsuit in hopes of receiving compensation for his injuries. Ginsburg & Associates, a Philadelphia personal injury law firm, is representing him in this case.
Such a lawsuit requires a close examination of both the product in question and the parties responsible for manufacturing and distributing it. Products must go through extensive testing before they are released on the market. This is to ensure that they are safe to use.

The Nature of a Product Liability Lawsuit

Product liability lawsuits give injured consumers are way to seek compensation from the parties who have designed and sometimes distributed that product. There is a body of law that controls when and under what circumstances suit can be filed. The law may be different in each state, and through federal regulations as well.

The laborer in this case required extensive medical care. The damage to his hand also impacts his future earnings. He will face limitations in the kinds of work that he can do. These are all valid reasons to seek compensation.

The Importance of Investigation

In their capacity as legal representation, Ginsburg & Associates is analyzing the potentially liable parties. This involves determining if the saw actually met all design requirements for power tools of its type. Products that fall short of these requirements can be very dangerous.
Ginsburg & Associates has worked in a number of product liability cases. These include cases involving exploding electrical boxes, faulty exercise equipment, and lawnmowers with absent deadman switches.

Unsafe products pose a real risk to consumers everywhere. Product liability cases, like the one pursued by the injured laborer, can provide valuable compensation to victims.

It is a possible avenue for workers who are injured on the job, as in this case, as well as for innocent consumers and users of products when injury occurs.

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