Toronto Has a New Mayor – Support for Ford Hangs on

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( — December 3, 2014) Etobicoke, Ontario — John Tory, Toronto’s 65th mayor started his new reign by thanking his predecessor Rob Ford for his continued public service. The mayor proposed the “motion of thanks” for Mr. Ford, which was unanimously passed by a rousing “aye” from all council members.

Staunch supporters of Ford were saddened by the need for him to step out of the mayoralty race, due to health issues when he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year; but are gladdened to know that he was able to hold to his councillor position in Etobicoke.

Doug Ford, Rob’s brother had stepped in to the mayoralty election in Rob’s place for his chance at keeping a Ford in Toronto power circles, but to no avail as John Tory took the day.


John Tory has made some bold statements on how his office will conduct itself, and be run under his command. “I will build trust, I will restore faith and I will regain respect for the City of Toronto in Queen’s Park and Ottawa.” He said


Ford’s relationship with the Ontario government had been badly tarnished and many of his powers had been stripped in the wake of his admission of drug use while in a “drunken stupor.” Tory is looking to repair some damaged bridges left for him and has already had a meeting with Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s Premier, on his first day in office.  

“The case I will put forward is clear. Toronto is the engine of growth in Ontario and Canada and must remain strong economically and socially,” Said Tory, concerning the relationship he is looking to build going forward with the heads of government. 


Support for the new mayor is obvious in the election results, but Rob Ford is still a very loved man when it comes to Toronto politics.


 “We are going to miss Ford in the mayors office, and we are unsure of how Tory will be on keeping his word”. “At least we still have Rob in ward 2 of Etobicoke” said Syd H.  when asked his opinion of the mayoralty outcome.


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