ALS Fundraiser Announced

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( — December 3, 2014)  — ALS otherwisie known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a crippling and debilitating disease that affects the cells in the brain and spinal cord. Currently, there is no curie for the disease. The ALS ice bucket challenge, a great marketing campaign to raise money and awareness for researching a cure for the disease, has really brought ALS to the forefront of the public’s mind. Even though the disease is on everyone’ radar, there are still real, everyday people that suffer from the disease. Uncle Willard is one of those people.

Background On The Fundraiser
Uncle Willard was diagnosed with the disease and is currently fighting the disease with everything he has. In that fight, he has lost the ability to walk and to perform daily functions by himself. He has become dependent on professional healthcare, which can become very costly. Therefore, Uncle Willard’s friends and families have created an online fundraising campaign to raise money for his medical bills. The fundraising campaign was created by Delicia Wishart and has raised more than ten thousand dollars to date. On the fundraiser’s web page, the final goal is $25,000. Even though this is the final goal, the estimated cost of his medical bills could be upwards of $100,000.

What The Money Will Be Used For
Many people might wonder what all of this money might be used for. The projected $100,000 will be used to help offset the cost of an experimental drug trial at the Morsani center in Tampa, Florida. The cost of doing such experimental treatments is so high because there is currently no cure for ALS. This disease is so dangerous and devastating and the cost of fighting it is very high.

Fundraiser Event
Most recently, the fundraiser has ninety five total supporters. Additionally, there has been a few updates besides the online fundraising campaign. Delicia Wishart and friends threw a fundraising event on July 27, 2014. It took place at Toccolana Club in Rome, New York. This benefit raised a lot of money. The family is still in need of around fifteen thousand more dollars.

Overall, the fundraiser for Uncle Willard is going very well. The friends and family of Willard are overwhelmed by the support that they have received from the community and from people that they do not even know. It is time for more folks to step up and help out a family in need. It is these situations where people can show their love for one another and really help out with tangible resources.

ALS is a disease that has affected so many people around the world. The time has come to stop this disease. One way to stop the disease is to really understand the efficacy of experimental treats, like the one that Uncle Willard is receiving. If we can learn more about how effective these treatments are, we might be able to improve the quality of life for many others with ALS.


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