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( — December 4, 2014) Boca Raton, Florida Nutritional Zen is ready to present a line of all natural makeup to their customers.  They’re doing that through the completely secure ecommerce website they just put up and it exclusively features Ava Anderson products. They choose this line, because it’s non-toxic and safe for their customers to use.  Customers can go to today to browse a selection of lipstick, blemish cream, blush, eyeliner, foundation, and other pure cosmetics.

Jennifer Gilli is the founder of Nutritional Zen and owner of This is what she had to say about her new site.

“At Nutritional Zen we believe in living a life that is healthy and happy.  We provide our customers nutritional coaching that shows them how to easily achieves an organic lifestyle. Some of these clients started to ask about natural makeup and skincare.  Since we strongly believe in putting healthy foods in our bodies, we agreed that it makes sense to put all-natural cosmetics on our skin. We decided to find a way to provide them with the the best cosmetics and researched and reviewed many cosmetic lines.  We choose Ava Anderson, because it’s all-natural, organic, affordable, non-toxic and high-quality.  They believe in educating their clients about the health risks of harmful chemicals in personal care items and so do we. Now when our clients ask what foundation they can use without polluting their skin, we send them to our new site.  After all, if we’re teaching our clients to go out of their way to cleanse their bodies of toxins,they should have access to products that are in line with those values.”

Nutritional Zen is a holistic lifestyle coaching business that focuses on new ways to live an optimal life.  Jennifer Gilli is the founder and provides private nutritional consultation both in person and over the phone.  She has helped a tremendous amount of people transform their lives for the better and only recommends the approach she uses herself. In fact, she was her own first client.  Her clients appreciate the personal attention she gives them and the wealth of knowledge available on her blog.

The Ava Anderson Face line is all natural, organic, and non-toxic.  This line has been available in the United States since 2009 and is very popular in the health and wellness community.  There are 18 products available in this cosmetic line and range in price from $14.95-$18.95.  All of these items can be shipped to customers across the country and none of them are tested on animals.  

With so many things to worry about in today’s world it’s comforting to know that there is a line of personal care items that people can feel safe using.  Thanks to the launch of Nutritional Zen’s new website, more people will have access to these products. This is one business that’s changing people’s lives for the better and providing all natural makeup at the same time.

About Nutritional Zen is a premier source for all-natural, non-toxic, and organic makeup and cosmetics. They ship their products to happy people across the nation.

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