The Cannolis Offers Cutting-Edge Humor “Sopranos” Style

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( — December 5, 2014) Cherry Hill, New Jersey — 

“The Cannolis” is the next powerhouse show to be based around the idea of the not-so-typical Italian American family with a side of Mob.  However, unlike “The Sopranos,” which is certain to be remembered as one of the great American drama classics, “The Cannolis” is an animation and provides a humorous take on the life of its characters, turning a traditional mob-drama into an entertaining and funny look at life for one Italian-American family.

Featuring Vincent Pastore as Dominic Cannoli, the gentle, bread-baking giant, and Steven Maglio as Tonio Tortellini, his mobbed-up half-brother, as well as an all-star cast including Ramona Rizzo, Mario Cantone, Jenni “Jwoww” Farley, Mitchel Musso, Joy Behar, and Gerard Maccioli. “The Cannolis” promises to be the next hit adult comedy show appealing to a wide range of ages and preferences.

The basic premise of the show revolves around the two half-brothers, Dominic and Tonio, and the dichotomy between their lives.  While Dominic is gentle and traditional, loving his family and being kind to his bakery customers, Tonio represents the more sensationalized side of the Italian-American experience as the comic criminal.  The two families, with their diverse members and characters, bring laughter to the screen with their consistent misunderstandings and conflicts.

Hailed as one of the best projected shows to be released in 2015, the Cannolis will take their place as America’s next funny family with their cutting-edge humor and driving storylines.  For more information, see

About The CannolisMild-mannered Dominic Cannoli wants only to run his Manhattan bakery business in peace.  Instead, his family, including his mob-affiliated half-brother Tonio and his mother Nora, provide him with nothing but constant friction and humorous problems.  This hilarious new show combines the humor of “Family Guy” with the suspense of “The Sopranos” for a comedy that is sure to be a success with a wide range of viewers.



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