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( — December 8, 2014) Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, Arizona, publisher, Poisoned Pen Press, is answering the holiday wishes of its readers by releasing the latest series installments by three of its most popular mystery authors and an anthology for fans of the Phryne Fisher mysteries. The books are “A Question of Death: An Illustrated Phryne Fisher Anthology” by Kerry Greenwood, “The Wolf and the Lamb: A Jerusalem Mystery” by Frederick Ramsey, “High Stakes: A Jack Doyle Mystery” by John McEvoy, and “Unfold the Evil: An NJ Mystery” by Ellen Larson.

“It is a credit to the authors, editors and folks working at Poisoned Pen Press who find the novels that we offer as new releases each month,” said Robert Rosenwald, president and founder of Poisoned Pen Press. “The new releases we are offering in December come at a perfect time for holiday giving to lovers of crime novels and mysteries who are on anyone’s gift list.”

Women sleuths have established a place for themselves in mystery novels. Author Kerry Greenwood offers readers a treasure trove of short stories and little known tidbits of information about sleuth Phryne Fisher. Fans of the series will enjoy reading about and trying Fisher’s favorite food and cocktail recipes.

Frederick Ramsey does not disappoint followers of the Jerusalem Mystery series the fourth installment: “The Wolf and the Lamb.” Set in Biblical times, the novel captivates and holds the reader as Ramsey’s characters attempt to solve a murder in which Pontius Pilate is the prime suspect. In sharp contrast to the setting chosen by Ramsey, “High Stakes: A Jack Doyle Mystery,” brings back John McEvoy’s decidedly 21st century sleuth and former boxer, Jack Doyle, for a new round of Chicago-based crime-solving.

Rounding out the December offerings from book publishing company Poisoned Pen Press is the second in the “Unfold the Mystery” series created by Ellen Larson that follows the career of reporter Natalie Joday. Faced with another mystery to solve, this time involving letters sent to her paper’s advice columnist leading the way to a murder, Joday is once again caught up in a world of corrupt politicians, killers and police.

Learn more about the mystery books released by Poisoned Pen Press by visiting the website or by calling 480-945-3375.  

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Poisoned Pen Press was founded 17 years ago as a family affair by husband and wife team Robert Rosenwald and Barbara Peters along with their daughter, Susan Malling. It is now among the largest hardcover mystery publishers in the world. They publish a variety of authors all writing mystery genre books and series.

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