Body Transformation Nation Website Launches

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( — December 10, 2014)  Providence, RI — A new website called Body Transformation Nation was recently started by a former U.S. Marine that has found himself in the worst shape of his life since leaving the armed forces 19 years ago.  The creator of the website, Rick Porter, started the site in order to force himself to change by creating accountability from friends and family that would follow his progress.  He will be documenting the entire journey through video and blog posts talking about the workouts, the diet, and what he is doing to prepare himself mentally to succeed in his body transformation to avoid the pitfalls of past failures.

Porter said that over the last 5 years since he started his internet business he has gained 40 pounds, developed diabetes, had to start on blood pressure medication, and generally became unhealthy and unenergetic.  Ironically the internet business he started focuses on health and fitness but in spending so many hours getting off the ground he neglected his own health and stopped exercising.  Over the last few years he has tried a couple short term diets and was able to lose 20 pounds but then gained it back by returning to old habits of non exercise and poor eating.

This time around Rick intends to see it through to his total weight loss and get back into a condition near what he was when he left the U.S. Marines back almost 20 years ago.  To do this he realized he needed to start off at square 1 with the most basic and easy exercises.  Recently his friend Tyler Bramlett released a new workout system called the CT-50 Workout that looked like something he could actually do because it started at the most basic level and works its way up to much more advanced levels using a progressive movement technology that Tyler developed.

After completing the first workout Rick was able to see how badly out of shape he was but found that he was at least able to finish the workout since it is self paced with a time limit.  The workouts are also easy to follow as they are on video and can be played back on any mobile platform, smart phone, or laptop.  This creates a virtual experience where Tyler leads the workouts and directs the viewer through them showing proper exercise form and pace which is ideal for people just getting started.

To follow the complete body transformation of Rick Porter over the next several months go to