BBQ Shield Offers Ideal BBQ Accessory for Serious Grillers

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( — December 12, 2014) Louisville, KY — Barbecuing is one of America’s top favorite activities. In fact, barbecued food is said to be one of America’s national dishes. Additionally, 67% of Americans own a BBQ grill, revealing that a high grilling culture exists. BBQ Shield has launched what is said to be the ideal accessory for those who are serious grillers to improve their grilling experience.


Grilling or barbecuing can be a stressful process for various reasons, but, the BBQ Grill Mat provided by BBQ Shield offers a solution to all those probable issues. For avid grillers, any accessory that offers to make the process easier and safer is much appreciated.


The BBQ Shield Grill Mat is designed to be used as a surface liner for grills and grates while barbecuing. It is a thick tefloncoated, fiber-glass mat designed to withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit over any type of grill, including charcoal grills, gas grills, smokers, egg cookers and electric grills.


This BBQ grill mat acts as a shield between the grates and the food. While grilling with a BBQ Shield Grill Mat, the food does not directly touch the grate but still locks in the authentic grilled flavor. It also prevents the food from falling between the grates. According to BBQ Shield, “The BBQ Shield Grill Mat protects food from rusty or contaminated grilling surfaces, providing a non-stick sanitary shield between the grate and your food, all while leaving perfect grill marks.”


As a liner, the grill mats help to prevent food from burning easily. The pair of mats can yield grilled food that does not have a charred taste. For serious grillers who are bold enough to rustle up a great feast at one go, the availability of more surface area – having two mats at their disposal – should be quite appeasing.


The non-stick mats are said to make it easy to remove food without having it fall apart, even delicate food such as fish. Users of the BBQ Shield Mat have also revered that the non-stick nature of the grill mats make post-grilling clean-up very quick and easy. Oneuser, Melissa Braxton, shared, “It(BBQ Shield’s BBQ Grill Mat) is super easy to use and to clean.”


According to BBQ Shield, grillers who take pride in the finished product can achieve their desired outcome when they use a BBQ Shield Grill Mat. They assure that their mats are free of harmful chemicals and toxins; safe for use for the entire family.


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BBQ Shield, sold by Paisley Road Products and fulfilled by improves the enjoyment of preparing grilled food. The non-stick surface prevents loss of food through the grates and reduced flare-ups which can burn the food.

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