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( — December 12, 2014) Arlington, TEXAS — Accurate Electrical Systems, the leading Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex electrical repair and remodel service provider, has increased its focus on holiday safety. Ensuring all holiday electrical connections are checked twice, the company aims to minimize any dangers faced by improper or damaged wiring. The “A-Team” offers precise electrical maintenance and repair for homes, businesses, and schools with the help of fully insured, licensed professional electricians.

While electrical safety is always a concern, the dangers ramp up during the holiday season for many reasons. A National Fire Protection Association study found that, from 2005-2009, there were about 150 home fires each year, causing death and millions of dollars in damage because of faulty holiday lights. Here are some causes of home fires related to holiday lights along with tips to stay safe during the holiday season.

  • Electrical cords kept in storage for most of the year may be frayed or corroded. Accurate’s team will carefully inspect these to make sure they are not a fire hazard.
  • Outdoor lights and wiring exposed to the elements are not properly insulated and protected from the weather.
  • Use of cords or electrical devices not rated for a given application, or which have not been properly safety tested. Check for a label proving these have been tested. Also keep indoor-rated lights inside; they can trigger fires if kept outside when exposed to moisture.
  • Outside lights are not secured to the walls or trees. Otherwise, wind damage can create a fire hazard.
  • Too many lighting sets are connected to the same extension cord. No more than three standard-sized sets should be on the same extension.
  • The holiday lights have been improperly installed. Overloaded outlets, combining LED and incandescent lights on the same outlet, using metal staples to connect light strands, and placing cords where people can easily trip over them present serious safety hazards.

The lights also should have been stored in a dry, cool place. Interior closets are best. Wiring and connections can deteriorate over a few short months if kept in an unconditioned space such as a basement or attic.

Accurate Electrical Systems urges homeowners to check their holiday connections twice. Expert technicians will also inspect wiring and electrical connections to ensure they are intact and installed properly. The company is renowned for its expert repair and remodel work throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In business since 1984, it has also served major commercial clients such as Forever 21 and Barnes & Noble.

For more information on the company’s inspection, troubleshooting, and repair services, as well as its equipment service upgrades and emergency generator systems, visit Accurate Electrical Systems at

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