Knoxville Web Designer Announces Free Website Plan

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( — December 16, 2014) Knoxville, TN — Effective immediately 360 Media Group a Knoxville web design agency will launch a responsible marketing campaign aimed at offering the best web design services in Knoxville. The campaign is laser focused on educating entrepreneurs and small business owners on the importance of an engaging and up to date website. As part of the campaign 360 Media Group will be giving away free internet marketing and web design services to small business owners and non-profits that are in need of a head start. 


The free web design services will be based on those businesses that qualify. Verified 5013c non-profits and small business start-ups will be given first rights to the free design benefit offered by 360 Media Group. This initiative is focused on helping those most in need get immediate access to design services that can influence their short term success as they grow.


Many business owners in Knoxville have settled for a status quo web design that doesn’t perform at the level that their competitors does or offer up to date functionality needed for business growth. Knoxville business owners will now have access to affordable, engaging and up-to-date design choices that can help their business perform its best online.


Offering the best customer experience on the internet is no longer an option. Internet users must engage with your brand quickly and effortlessly.


360 Media Group is positioned to help local businesses in Knoxville get immediate access to custom design options for as little as $500 if they do not qualify for the free design. The company will be offering free advice and design consultations for interested parties starting on December 29th 2014. All business owners interested in a free consultation or new web design in Knoxville can reach 360 Media Group here or by calling Chris Walden (865) 323-7425. 

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