Teen Confidence Academy Announces New Program to Help Teens Overcome Test Anxiety

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(Newswire.net — December 22, 2014) Costa Mesa, CA — Teen Confidence Academy announces a new program to help teens overcome test anxiety. The new program provides needed services to prepare teens mentally and emotionally for their upcoming school exams as well as more significant tests like the SATs and other college entrance exams.

For many teens, the pressure of an upcoming test can be a motivator to perform well.  For other teens, it can have devastating effects, especially if they suffer from test anxiety and have a significant fear of failure. Many teens place unrealistic expectations on themselves to perform, and then feel anxious and overwhelmed by the pressure. In addition, teens may have external pressure from their family, coaches and sometimes even their friends to perform at a high level.


According to reports, approximately 20% of teens and children experience anxiety, and symptoms start as early as age 13. There are different forms of anxiety that teens may experience, one of which is test anxiety. Test anxiety is a form of performance anxiety.  When under pressure to perform, those with test anxiety freeze up, go into a significant stressful state and in severe cases, experience panic attacks. This might show up as an inability to focus while studying or complete avoidance of studying. During the exam, teens with test anxiety have difficulty focusing and recalling the material they’ve learned, and they might have an intense desire to escape the situation. It is too often a viscous cycle for the student with test anxiety. They go into a testing situation with moderate anxiety, which causes them to do poorly on the test. This poor result produces even more fear and anxiety for the next test, and the problem escalates and repeats.


Left untreated, test anxiety can escalate into generalized anxiety and depression as the teen learns to believe that they are not good enough. To cope, teens may resort to drugs, alcohol and other vices in attempt to self-medicate in order to numb the pain and fear of disappointing themselves and loved ones.


Teens with mild test anxiety can often manage their symptoms by visualization techniques and deep breathing exercises.  However, those with moderate to severe test anxiety symptoms usually have deeper-rooted causes that require professional intervention.

Teen Confidence Academy has created a program specifically designed for students who have moderate to severe test anxiety. This 4 hour-program teaches teens how to take charge of their minds so they can remain relaxed, calm and confident before and during their exam. It also helps teens stay sharp and focused during the examination. Not only does this program help teens pass their tests, it also allows them to release their negative self-image, gives them a big boost of self-esteem and helps them to feel confident in their capabilities.  In addition, teens are taught to use simple, yet highly effective tools to handle other stressful situations so they can succeed in school and in life.


To learn more about Teen Confidence Academy new program that helps teens overcome test anxiety visit http://teenconfidenceacademy.com/. For inquiries, contact Jacqui Letran, a Nurse Practitioner & Adolescent Self-Empowerment Specialist, at (949) 287-3113.



“When I walked out of my first session, I actually felt like a ton of bricks had fallen off of my shoulders and I was able to concentrate and study better in the following weeks. The change I noticed was actually pretty immediate. Jacqui was great at giving me exercises that I could try at home and even though I felt a little silly doing them, they worked and she was totally available to me even when there was stuff that came up in between my visits.” —-Tammy


“I had major test anxiety and low confidence in myself. Jacqui helped me with both. My test anxiety was so bad that I could not perform even though I knew the material. She has helped me with my long term and short term problems and I take the skills that she has given me and now will use them for the rest of my life.” — Au-Co 

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