Scott Tucker to Fund Solar Panels for Homes

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( — December 17, 2014)  — Scott Tucker will finance the provision of up to 50 home solar power systems as a part of a wider initiative. The community effort will be focused on collecting donations specifically for the purpose of providing electricity for remote villages.

“Africa has plenty of sun to provide solar power,” said Tucker while making the announcement. “We want to show the people there as well as the rest of the world how easily they can tap the most abundantly available natural resource. Sunshine is free, and I want more African countries to lead the way on solar energy.”

Africa is home to some of the sunniest places on earth. Eighty-five percent of the continent receives at least 2000 kWh/m2 of solar power per year. Even a fraction of this power can provide electricity to the whole world many times over. However, the massive African solar power potential is hugely underutilized.

“It’s how the big boys play,” says Tucker. “Global petroleum companies would rather drill holes through the whole continent looking for oil, than to see solar power progress.”

The initiative, named “Light in the Dark Program,” aims to provide 1000 micro solar systems by the end of the current year. Money will be raised through a series of fundraisers, online campaigns, and direct calling. The Light in the Dark Program will continue beyond 2014 depending upon the success of the pilot project.

About Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is a businessman and socialite visionary who regularly launches and participates in community efforts for causes related to the environment, art, and wildlife. He has earned his fortunes in property and stocks, and now resides in Manhattan.

By Cecil Ryan