Organics Company Says Make a Safer Home Your Resolution

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( — January 2, 2015) Walnut, CA — Looking for a New Year’s resolution that will benefit the whole family? Then make a healthy, toxin-free home your priority, says the folks at Mother Sheep Organics. And “it’s not as difficult as you may think,” company co-founder Kevin Morris says.

“A healthy home is the number one priority for the overwhelming majority of our clients,” says Kevin. “We’ve had so many questions regarding how to de-tox the home and make it safer. We get it, because that’s always been our goal too.”

Mother Sheep Organics was created via a grassroots meeting that brought together families who had already made the switchover from chemical-laden to comfort and safety, according to company executives.

“We’re parents who were concerned with our firstborn,” Kevin states. “When my wife and I had our first child, we knew we wanted what was best – and safest – for him. We began researching detoxing our home back then, and we’re still enthusiastic today.”

With that in mind, Mother Sheep Organics offers a 100% organic wool toddler pillow. “It may not seem like it at times,” Kevin laughs, “but your child probably sleeps about 10-12 hours per day. But many pillows contain a polyurethane foam in order to be firm and supportive. Industrial-produced pillows typically contain flame retardants that are chemical-based. Your child is breathing all that in for nearly half of his or her day.”

The Mother Sheep Organics Organic Toddler Pillow is hand-made from organic wool fibers and is hypoallergenic and flame-retardant due to the naturally occurring lanolin oil – this also acts as a dust-mite repellant. It is appropriate for children ages 2 and over.

“The pillow is fluffy and dense, so it’s both comfortable and supportive,” says Kevin. “And it contains wool, an all-natural fiber that’s gaining popularity again now that parents are seeking natural alternatives.”

The pillow’s 100% organic wool “pearls” provide the ultimate in comfort and also help to regulate temperature so that your child is neither too hot nor too cool, the company owners reveal. And for a limited time, site visitors can get a 25% coupon for their purchase through their website at

“This is just one small change you can make toward an organic home,” Kevin insists. “For your New Year’s resolution, start using less plastic. Replace your child’s plastic sippy cup with a stainless steel one. Use ‘green’ household cleaners and research household items for this purpose; for example, vinegar cleans beautifully and leaves a nice shine. Throw away your spray room fresheners and use organic ones instead, or fragrance your home with homemade potpourri. You’ll be surprised how many simple changes you can make to the products you use every single day.”

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