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( — January 5, 2015) Walnut, CA — With gardeners gearing up for Spring 2015, family-owned company Cate’s Garden has announced the release of a brand-new ebook, “The Dirt on Composting: A Comprehensive Guide to Backyard Gardening.”

The book is free when visitors to the company’s website,, and sign up as part of the Cate’s Garden community.

Cate’s Garden co-founder Chris Molnar says, “So many of our clients wanted more information on composting that we decided to seek out the perfect guide to get started quickly and easily.” It’s not just the bare-bones basics, though: “The book includes details you may not have known about, and allows the backyard composter to either do the minimum, or really get into the process.”

The information can also be used by educators in a classroom setting, Chris says. “A class garden is the perfect place for a compost pile, and a great way to teach kids to be environmentally conscious, as well as give them information on the earth’s natural recycling process.”

The free guide touches on all aspects of home composting, including:
• The composting cycle, and how composting improves soil health
• What scraps to use in a compost pile, and which to avoid
• “Green” (wet) v. “brown” materials, and how many you need of each
• Different types of compost bins and how to make or purchase them
• Methods and techniques
• “Worm” composting (vermicomposting)
• “Harvesting” and using the compost
• Troubleshooting issues that may arise

“Anyone can be a composter,” says Chris. “It’s easy to do, and it can be a great family activity to teach kids about recycling, the life cycle of the microbes involved in composting, and how to use compost in the lawn and garden. Composting is the perfect companion to gardening for those with a little green thumb.”

The book can be used by either the beginning composter, or an individual seeking to get better, richer compost in a faster time frame. “Using our methods, you should have usable compost within approximately two months, depending upon the temperature of the pile and weather conditions,” Chris says.

In addition to the free ebook, site visitors who sign up to the community will receive bonuses and special offers in the future, according to company executives.

“Cate’s Garden will continue to seek out better ways to help our customers refine their techniques and get the most out of their experience,” Chris adds. “Our goal is to bring the joy of working with the earth and one’s hands to everyone. With composting, the bonus is that you’re also helping the earth. And you’re saving time and money.”

About Cate’s Garden:

Cate’s Garden is a new, family-owned company of passionate gardeners. Started in early 2014, they have been busy designing quality garden products for the backyard gardener. The company’s first product, a premium quality compost thermometer, has been receiving rave reviews from buyers. For more information, please visit

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