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( — January 6, 2015) Clyde, North Carolina — The act of a dog eating its own poop, or another dog’s is known as coprophagy.  To prevent dogs from doing these, Bensie Boy launched a poop bag to the market to help dog owners to curb dog poop eating habits.

According to Dr.Courtney Campbell, popularly known as the “Hot Vet”, dogs that eat their own poop might have a trigger that causes them to eat their own poop.  These could be the result of a poor diet, parasites, physical pain or behaviors – anxiety and boredom.  To curb this habit Dr Campbell recommends that dog owners quickly clean up after their dog.  “As soon as your pet goes to the bathroom, make sure you clean it up promptly,” he said.

Poop scooping with dog poop bags that mask the smell may just be the tip of the iceberg.  For this reason, Bensie Boy developed a stylish and convenient dog poop bag and dispenser with this capability.  The black Bensie Boy bags ensure a clean and easy clean up.  They were made with a certain amount of thickness that allows the scent and sight of the poop to be concealed.   This can serve as a great deterrent for dogs who tend to eat their own poop.

Dr Campbell also recommended that dog owners use additives in their dog’s food that would cause the poop to have an unwelcoming taste, or, give them a treat as soon as they show interest in their poop to discourage them from eating it.

“You can train your dog not to eat their own poop by removing the temptation as soon as possible with reliable Bensie Boy poop bags.  This is not only important for your dog’s health but also for yours, as the dog’s owner,” said Veterinarian and CEO at Bensie Boy, Brenda Kinder.

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