Internet Income Jamaica teams up with the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities

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( — January 11, 2015) Kingston, Jamaica — “At this event I learned a lot as a trainer.  I had no idea that the visually impaired had special computer programs that actually allow them to navigate around the internet,” says trainer Earl Williams.

Today, technology allows more disabled people with the opportunity to work online.  With advances in software and with the popularity of sites like, and, more and more disabled people will be turning to the internet to make a living.

“I’m very proud of this event,” says Alicia Lyttle, CEO of Internet Income Jamaica. “The participants were highly motivated and I was impressed with their desire to push through and learn how they can work online.  One of the participants, Dana, was so excited when she made her first sale online that our whole office has celebrated her accomplishment.”

“In the Disabilities community in Jamaica, there is an even higher level of unemployment than the 14 per cent unemployment rate recorded for Jamaica overall. Jamaicans with disabilities and their caretakers need a serious sustainable way to earn money. We need to move away from the traditional income-earning activities that disabled persons are often encouraged to do including basket weaving, batik, and the making of arts and crafts and we need to get modern and use technology,” says Dennise Williams, public relations director of the Jamaica Downs Syndrome Foundation and convener of the workshop.

Internet Income Jamaica’s training is open to the public at a small cost.  Their desire is to train as many people as possible on the island of Jamaica so that people have an opportunity to improve their lives by working online and earning in US Dollars.

For more information on Internet Income Jamaica’s next training please visit or email or call 876-374-7044 / 876 364-6969.

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