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( — January 12, 2015) Fort Lauderdale, FL — The Sili Bake Pastry Mat With Measurements has sold hundreds of units on Amazon and gained many reviews and ratings from the website’s shoppers. To date over 200 customers have given the product reviews, resulting in a cumulative rating of 4.9 stars for the product. This almost perfect score for customer satisfaction is also reflected in the reviews of satisfied customers who heap praises on the product and highlight the many different features it’s possesses that make it their choice sheet for rolling dough.


Sili Bake advertises this sheet for rolling dough as having a non-stick surface which is important for rolling and kneading dough as over-kneading and patching due to sticking can result in hard dough. Amazon shopper Loosesell testifies to this feature of the product in their review writing, “So far, I love it. I’ve made a tart, a galette, a pie-crust, and a pizza, all easily and happily. So much better than rolling out on my granite counter or floured cutting board.”


Another Amazon shopper and baker who simply goes by the username ‘Cookie Chick’ highlighted multiple features of the product in her review such as the fact that it rolls flat on any surface and does not slip. She also highlighted that fact that it is non-stick for various types of dough thus making it more convenient for use as a sheet for rolling dough than other brands of pastry mats. She wrote, “LOVE this pastry mat! I had a Tupperware mat that I had to always run hot water over before use to make it more pliable, as it was stored rolled up and it would never lay flat, plus, everything stuck to it…This Sili Bake mat is amazing. It lays perfectly flat, doesn’t move around on my counter, and nothing sticks to it. I have used it to knead and roll bread, roll out cookie dough, make pastry, etc, and never had a problem with sticking.”


Arguably, the most distinctive feature of this sheet for rolling dough however is the information printed on the face of it’s non-stick surface. The Sili Bake Pastry Mat With Measurements features a ruler, weight conversions, oven temperature conversions, liquid measure conversions and circles to aid in measuring and shaping dough of various circular sizes. Amazon verified the purchase of shopper Julie Porter whose review of the product praised this feature among others stating, “After too many years rolling dough on my countertop, I totally love this mat! It sticks beautifully to the counter, has lots of useful information printed on it, and best of all, clean-up is a breeze. It is SUPER-easy to clean. Love it!”


From the overwhelming positive reception the Sili Bake Pastry Mat With Measurements has received on Amazon, the product appears to be a quality sheet for rolling dough. It satisfies the necessity for a non-stick surface for rolling dough and adds the convenience of recipes, measurements and conversions bakers use regularly in the kitchen. For those encouraged to purchase the product, it is available on both and

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