Sili Bake Launches New Website To Further Engage Customers

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( — January 11, 2015) Fort Lauderdale, FL — As of January 1, 2015 if anyone should visit they would discover it has taken them to the newly launched official website of the Sili Bake brand. The new company sells their flagship product, the Sili Bake Pastry Mat With Measurements via mega online retailer Amazon and has now made their product available through their own official website. The website serves as not only a portal through which customers can interact directly with the company, but also as a blog that shares useful baking tips and informative articles about baking for the baking enthusiasts who purchase their products.


Currently, the featured product on the website is the Sili Bake Mat With Measurements. With over 200 customer reviews on Amazon the product has proven it’s quality by earning a 4.9 star rating. This pastry mat shows bakers information that may be useful when baking such as a conversion chart for various units of measurement for ingredients. It also includes a ruler printed on the face in addition to measured circles to guide bakers in making cakes the correct size. The pastry mat is said to lay perfectly flat on top of countertops and any other surface and is free of chemical odors.


When speaking about the launch of the website, Jeffrey Snow, a representative of Sili Bake said, “By selling the Sili Bake Pastry Mat with Measurements through our website we’re really aiming to add additional payment options for our customers by accepting PayPal since Amazon does not. Other than that, we want our customers to have wonderful baking experiences so our website will host articles that share useful information to make baking easier, more fun and help to simplify the cleanup process.”


The website also features links to the official social media accounts of the Sili Bake company helping fans to connect with them via Facebook and Twitter. Customers also stand to benefit from the option to register for the Sili Bake mailing list on the website which will alert them when the company launches a new product, makes a new blog post, has a sale or otherwise updates their website.


The website is currently up and running and articles have already been posted to the baking blog including topics such as “5 Reasons To Use Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls” and “8 Simple DIY Ingredients” which explains shortcuts or substitutions that can be used when an ingredient is unavailable. Anyone wishing to purchase the Sili Bake Pastry Mat With Measurements, learn more about the Sili Bake company or simply check out the company’s new home on the web may visit 

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