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( — January 20, 2015) Bellevue, WASHINGTON When home buyers are shopping for their next big investment, the blur of the style, landscape and potential cost of a remodel can be overwhelming. But, an innovative couple of Coldwell Banker Bain Real Estate Brokers, Patricia and David Wangsness, decided it was time for a change. A change that gave buyers the power to make informed decisions on their next home purchase. They decided to develop a unique and cutting-edge way to show homes.

After tweaking and refining their idea, they put into play a process that allows buyers to step into a home and envision what the possibilities could be. They called it, “Rendering the Possibilities.

“A couple of years ago David and I were brainstorming on how we could help buyers imagine themselves in a home, without the confusion and surprises of additional costs,” said Patricia.

She went on to say, “When potential buyers visit an open house where the home needs updating or remodeling in some way, it’s difficult for them to image how much it would cost to make the updates. This makes the potential buyer hesitant to make an offer.”

Depending on where the home is located, upgrades and remodels can increase the investment in a home exponentially. Most buyers find it difficult to envision what the additional investment cost could be, so they take a guess. And, the guess is usually way off.

“The ‘Rendering the Possibilities’ process we developed gives potential buyers access to award-winning professional who can take them step-by-step through a remodel, landscaping, and possible costs associated with the home they are interested in,” said David.

He also said, “our years of experience as Real Estate Brokers has shown us that approximately 85% of the buying public doesn’t know how to vision what the updates would look like, and how much they would cost.”

When planning a “Rendering the Possibilities” open house, Patricia and David assess the needs for that particular home. Then, decide on the types of local professionals that would be a good fit. Two of the regular experts they include are a contractor and interior designer.

“Past ‘Rendering the Possibilities’ open house events have brought so much positive feedback. People attending our events say it opened their eyes to the possibilities a home had, plus a good idea of the additional costs involved.” said David.

“As a person who is not very good at creating a vision for their house and surroundings, the designers were instrumental in turning our desires/needs into a vision for the house and garden. They worked within our budget and presented different options at every decision point. We couldn’t be happier and more pleased with the work of the designers. In particular, we gained a beautiful backyard, with more functional space, at the end of our landscaping project.” said homeowner Heather Smith.

Michele Bayle, Interior Designer and owner of Bayle & Co. Interiors brings fresh ideas and many options to the project. Michele says attention to the finer details is her number one priority, and to open the mind and imagination of what can be done with any space, small or large.

“Working with savvy realtors like Patricia and David Wangsness is a pleasure. Their understanding of the market is impressive and their professionalism is top notch.  “Rendering the Possibilities” is such a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with other experts in the design of a home both inside and out.” said Michele Bayle.

April Bettinger, contractor and owner of Nip Tuck Remodeling, has developed a systematized approach to remodeling. She says a successful remodel doesn’t happen by accident, and planning ahead eliminates costly surprises and delays during the remodel. Her years of experience will break down the mystery of how and why a remodel will work, plus an estimated cost.

“Renovating is a team effort and is one of the most difficult things for many homeowners to envision on their own.  This type of event helps potential buyers think about how a space could look along with some educated experience that relates to cost from the professionals that do it every day.  By bringing together several professionals, attendees can also better understand how different trades relate and depend upon one another to come up with not only an idea, but a plan to put it all together,” said April.

Brooks Kolb, Landscape Architect and owner of Brooks Kolb LLC helps people realize the unique design theme of the project by formulating a sustainable landscape design that fits the architectural style of the Pacific Northwest. Brook says he personally oversees every phase of the project design, development and implementation. His primary goal in any garden design or Seattle landscape project is to seamlessly integrate the natural elements of the region. Brook is also the landscape architect of the home in Hunts Point, with a stage two already designed.

When a home buyer walks through the door of the open house they are met with five to seven easels with pictures, fabric choices, tile selections, floor plan designs, and cost estimates for those designs. The experts will be available on both Saturday and Sunday to answer any questions people have about the home, plus any questions about their own home.

Patricia and David believe their unique approach to an open house, and giving potential buyers the tools they need to make an informed decision on purchasing a home, will help buyers understand the process of any upgrades and remodels the home may need.

“It gives homebuyers access to local professionals who can answer all their questions. It also gives them the knowledge they need before making an important decision to buy, or not to buy,” said Patricia.

“Rendering the Possibilities”  definitely is a new and unique process for the homebuyer who can’t imagine the rebuild and cost of a potentially new home. And, the homeseller,   whose home could seller faster because of their homes unique showcase.

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