‘Citizenfour’ Hinted to the 2nd NSA ‘Whistleblower’

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(Newswire.net — January 21, 2015)  — ‘Citizenfour’, a new documentary film from filmmaker, Laura Poitras, about the NSA informant [leaker] Edward Snowden had its world premier at the New York Film Festival. It received standing ovations, and a 2015 Oscar nomination.

In the key scene, journalist Glenn Greenwald visits Snowden at a hotel room in Moscow. Fearing they are being tapped, Greenwald communicates with Snowden with pen and paper.

While some of the exchanges are blurred for the camera, in one part the unspoken words hinted the existence of another leaker that would come forward, theHollywoodReporter.com published in an article about ‘Citizenfour’.

“It becomes clear Greenwald wants to convey that another government whistleblower higher in rank than Snowden — has come forward. The revelation clearly shocks Snowden, whose mouth drops open when he reads details of the informant’s leak,” the publication says. “Also revealed by Greenwald, is the fact that 1.2M Americans are currently on a government watch-list. Among them is Poitras herself,” they note.

“And the surprise doesn’t end there,” the publication adds, revealing that Snowden’s girlfriend is living in Moscow with him. Lindsay Mills, Snowden’s dancer-girlfriend for ten years, has joined Snowden after several years apart.  

When showing to Snowden the early cut of the documentary in Moscow in July, the filmmaker actually shot footage of the two cooking dinner together. The footage appears in the final cut.

“There have been numerous reports of a second leaker at the NSA since at least early this summer; and it seems these reports have been substantiated — to a degree — by this film,” the publication read.

Critics love the ‘Citizenfour’, which scored a stellar 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and 8.3 on IMDb, with a consensus that reads, “Part real-life thriller, part sobering examination of 21st century civil liberties, Citizenfour transcends ideology to offer riveting, must-see cinema.”