Rocky Mountain Region’s Best Attic Fan Company Makes Amazing Discovery

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( — March 17, 2015) Denver, Colorado — “The best way to cool a home in Colorado is with a Whole House Attic Fan. People that have purchased from us, agree,” says Seymour Schreiber, owner of in Denver, Colorado. He has been selling, installing and servicing these units since 1976. “Our customers just love the results. Operation is simple and the cost is just pennies a day. A well engineered fan, properly installed in a well-vented attic, is both quiet and effective.”


Whole house fans work by doing three things:

(1) creating a breeze through the house to help cool off the occupants
(2) drawing out the hot, stale air in the path of the breeze, especially upstairs
(3) blowing the hot air out of the hot attic “oven” above the house.









By opening different doors and windows and adjusting the speed of the fan, the homeowner can fine tune the fan exactly. People who have never had a whole house fan are often amazed at how effectively and quickly they work. There is no waiting for relief from the heat since the breeze begins immediately and the air feels 10 degrees cooler just because it is moving. At night, a house can actually become too cold, so the fans come with timers that shut them off automatically. Opening the basement windows during the day draws in air that feels refrigerated. The fans can be used year round to remove odors and freshen stale interiors.


According to Schreiber, most of his clients already had some other cooling system when they decided they were fed up and wanted to try a whole house fan. “Neither swamp coolers or air conditioning are very effective in multilevel homes or newer homes with very high ceilings. It’s very difficult to cool those upper rooms where you need it most. A whole house fan can solve this problem.”


Many homes with high, open ceilings as well as many two story houses are extremely difficult to cool on the upper levels, where all of the home’s hot air concentrates. A whole house fan can blow out the heat from these areas and allow cooler air to be drawn up instead. The fans either replace other cooling systems or just allow them to work more effectively. Unlike swamp coolers, whole house fans are maintenance-free and don’t introduce molds; both important considerations. While air conditioners may cost $150-$300 or more per month to operate, an attic fan will cost $5-$10. For about the cost of a single month of air conditioning use, you can run a whole house attic fan for 10 years. That is smart money management.


A good quality fan is is well engineered to run slowly and still move a large amount of air. With proper ventilation so that the air can flow freely, and both a heavy duty installation to adequately support the fan and a commercial grade shutter to prevent vibration, you will have a great cooling system.











After almost 40 years in this business, Schreiber feels that his customers get all the benefits of his experience without the problems. “No other company can match the quality of our product,” states Schreiber. “We install our fans at a reasonable cost, and give the customer great value. I believe that every fan we’ve ever installed is still running. All these units need is a belt change every 20 years; they have been known to last for over 60 years!”


Now that is a significant return on investment.


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