Intelligiant Announces a Drone Sales Website

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(— February 2, 2015) Vista, CA — Intelligiant Solutions and Tanya Howard, CEO and President, announced the launch of its new drone sales website, Drone Home Club.  This new site has an extensive selection of drones from competing manufacturers and many of the products have reviews.  


Intelligiant Solutions CEO, Tanya Howard says: “We wanted to add an additional revenue stream that is related to our current field in security cameras. There are many different drones that use high definition and even thermal cameras, so it was a natural fit.”


Drones on this site range in price from $17 to well over $1,000. Drones with cameras start at $37. The site features over thirty pages of drones and drone options. 


There are many terms used to describe the products, ranging from: drone, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), quadcopter, and quadrocopter with variations. Drones are featured in headline news and are here to stay with a growing number of individuals purchasing them. 


The drone that crash-landed on the White House grounds, a DJI Phantom, is a popular drone for sale on eBay, with a similar model selling for $480, and a package with a camera and two extra batteries for $1,469. This same drone is sold on the Intelligiant Solutions, Inc. website Drone Home Club.


There are several competing websites to buy a drone, and the sales data shows this is a rapidly growing industry, thus, the drone industry is in the process of regulation. Flying for recreation is legal in the United States as long as the operator follows a set of rules, including no-fly-zones around airports, and sensitive areas such as Washington D.C. It is currently illegal for commercial purposes such as professional photography without an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA had planned to release wider drone regulations regarding commercial use by 2014, but it’s looking more likely now that it will be a few more years before rules will be set in place for commercial drones to operate safely in U.S. airspace.


The sales potential for a drone sales website is considered to be a good bet. According to Forbes: “Once fully integrated, drones will have a projected impact of more than $82 billion over the next decade.” 


Howard says, “We’re glad to provide a drone sales website that can offer competitive prices and reviews. This is a big market and we would like to participate in the projected market revenue. Our website, Drone Home Club, will benefit the consumer and Intelligiant Solutions.”


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